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Welcome to Manitowoc GOP. Here you can find information and upcoming events.


Sunday, April 14th at the Lighthouse Inn in Two Rivers

11:30-12:30 Registration and Social Time
12:30 Lunch served Home-style
1 pm Brief Comments from Legislators
1:30 Our Guest Speaker

Dr Jake Jacobs

About our Speaker: Dr Jake Jacobs
• President and founder of
Politically Incorrect Institution,
• Host of Freedom Project Academy’s
One Nation
• Author of the books
Mobocracy: The Cultural and
Political War to Destroy Our
Republic under God”
Mother Should I Trust The
Government: The Making and
Keeping of our American Republic.”

Dr Jacobs has been a champion of the
Constitution and historical accuracy for
over 30 years in public and private schools,
resisting attempted intimidation by the
liberal academic establishment.
As a public high school teacher, he even
publicly defended Gov. Scott Walker
on Fox News!

Proclaim Liberty
Throughout the Land!

Dinner35.00 USD
Sponsor Student20.00 USD
After submitting your payment, you will be directed to fill out your name and email.