That person who agrees with you 80 percent
of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20
percent traitor.
---Ronald Reagan

Dr Lowell Holtz will be a candidate in the February 21st primary for Superintendent of Public Instruction for our state.  He is hoping to defeat Tony Evers in the April 4th election.

We are hoping to have either Dr. Lowell or a surrogate speak at our January 21st caucus.  It is so important that we have a DPI Superintendent who isn't beholden to the WEAC or who is willing to get rid of Common Core in our schools.  This man needs our support, in the February primary and if he is fortunate enough to win, in the April election.  It is time for a change in our Department of Public Instruction.  ACT 10  opened the door; we now need a DPI Superintendent who will  take advantage of the opportunities it has given education in our state. 

 Please join us!



We will  hold our caucus on Saturday, January 21st at Cabin #2 at Lincoln Park at 9:30am.  Those eligible to attend and vote at the caucus must have their dues for 2017 paid 10 days prior to the date of the caucus.  We are setting the date, January 11th as the deadline for dues payment for those who wish to attend and vote at the January 21st caucus. A quote from the Constitution of the Republican Party of Manitowoc County:

 Article VII, Section 2:  Annual Caucus:

“The annual County caucus shall be held prior to the 4th Saturday in January each year at which time delegates and alternates shall be elected to attend the district caucus and the state convention.  Elections may be conducted with a voice vote except where there is more than one candidate nominated for an officer position.  In that event, the vote must be by written ballot.  Said ballots will remain on file with the party secretary not less than sixty (60) days after which they will be destroyed.”

We will be electing officers at the caucus this year as we do every two years.

There will be  coffee, tea and morning pastries.  We anticipate the meeting will last perhaps two hours.  This year we will be passing around lists in hopes of getting members to volunteer for various activities:  Lincoln Day Dinner, County Fair, summer parades, gun raffle. It is very important that as a member, you help with more than just dues so that 5 or 6 of our members don't end up doing all the work.  Come prepared to be a volunteer!!  We will discuss what the various events entail and there will always be someone who has done it before to help you.  We would also love to have someone with good computer skills:  i.e., Facebook, publishing newsletter, designing brochures. 



2017-2018 Legislative Session



The 2017-2018 Legislative Session started on Tuesday with the inauguration of 4 new and 12 returning Senators. With the start of the new legislative session, committee assignments were announced late last week.

This session I will be chairing the Senate Elections and Utilities Committee. As the Chairmen of the Senate Elections Committee last session, we were able to address a lot of important election issues. We will continue to ensure the integrity of our election process through this committee.

Now that utilities has been added to the elections committee, I look forward to working with providers to preserve access to affordable utilities for all Wisconsin ratepayers.

In addition to the Elections and Utilities Committee, I will serve on the following committees:

  • Revenue, Financial Institutions, & Rural Issues (Vice Chair)
  • Health & Human Services
  • Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules
  • Law Revision Committee


Property Tax Savings

The average Wisconsin homeowner will be paying less in property taxes this year. Prior to 2010, property taxes on a median valued home had increased 27 percent over a decade. This year, taxes on a typical home will be $116 lower than they were in 2010. Cumulative savings since 2010 amounts to $426 for the average homeowner. As a percentage of personal income, Wisconsin's property tax is the lowest it's been since 1946.

Department of Revenue Report

Listening Sessions Announced


The 9th Senate District Assembly Representatives and I will be holding our first round of listening sessions on January 23rd. These sessions provide an opportunity for you to meet us and to share your thoughts.

Monday, January 23rd

9:00AM - 9:45AM
Kiel Listening Session with Representative Vorpagel
Kiel Public Library
511 3rd Street
Kiel, WI

10:30AM - 11:15AM
Manitowoc Listening Session with Representative Tittl
University of Wisconsin - Manitowoc
County Board Meeting Room
705 Viebahn Street
Manitowoc, WI

2:00PM - 2:45PM
Sheboygan Listening Session with Representatives Katsma & Vorpagel
Mead Public Library
Rocca Room - 1st Floor
710 N. 8th Street
Sheboygan, WI

If you are unable to attend one of the listening sessions, you can always contact my office directly.

Have a great weekend,

Legislation Tracker

You can find more information on all the current legislative proposals at the Legislative Homepage. You can sign up to follow legislation as it makes it way through the Legislature: Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service.

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State Capitol
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Madison, WI 53703

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Congratulations to ALL the Republican candidates on the ballot - both incumbent and new candidates - You all won Manitowoc County!
















Valders Parade, August 7th





Members joined our Candidates, Paul Tittl, Devin LeMahieu and Jacalyn LeBre at the Reedsville Firemen's Parade, June 26th

The Candidates all have their own magnetic signs to decorate the car


We were happy to be joined by Charles Hang and his family in their traditional costumes. Abby Watson, student at the University of Akron  is  joining us this summer.


We hope that you will find time to join us for the Hilbert 4th of July parade.  You will received an email with information this week.



Thanks to member Tom German for the use of his own magnetic signs supporting

Senator Ron Johnson





(from Senator LeMahieu's  e-Update)

    Last week, Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels and the Common Council commended Representative Paul Tittl and me for our work on behalf of local municipal governments. Representative Tittl and I were chosen by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities as Municipal Champions. Only 15 out of 132 legislators received this designation.        

(From left to right): Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels, Representative Paul Tittle, and State Senator Devin LeMahieu








The state convention was held May 13-15 in Green Bay.  Attendees from Manitowoc County included:  Don Zimmer-Chairman and wife Marge,  Sulynn Moore – Vice Chairman and husband Dave, Representative Paul Tittl and wife Julie, District Attorney Jacyln LeBrae , Mike Canty, Ben Hilburger, Jim Falkowski and wife Debbie and Tom German.  On Saturday, the group unanimously voted to support Senator Ron Johnson in his bid for re-election to the US Senate.
















APRIL 3, 2016


The Republican Party of Manitowoc County held their annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the Holiday Inn.  Featured Speaker was Justice Rebecca Bradley.  Two days later Justice Bradley won the election and will be serving on the Wisconsin Supreme Court for 10 years. When the event was over Justice Bradley stayed around for one    on-one questions and pictures.  A very charming lady!

We appreciate those of you who sponsored students for the event.  We were pleased to welcome 10 students: Jason Conant, Jessica Conant, Ethan Hillmer, Will Kleinert, Sam Knutson, Garrett Nagel, Jacob Parcarski, Cooper Schmidt, Grace Stolz, and Joseph Zimmer.

Our group of approx. 100 supporters also heard from U.S. Representative Glen Grothman, WI Senator Devin LeMahieu, Assemblyman Paul Tittl and Tyler Vorpagel (by the way, Tyler, we loved your bowtie!!).  Current Manitowoc County District Attorney Jacalyn LaBre spoke to her upcoming election and also introduced our guest speaker.

Because U.S. Senator Ron Johnson was not able to attend, his representative Amy Resop spoke to the group, teling us of the Senator's travels around the state of Wisconsin to encourage Republicans to be supportive of his candidacy against Sen. Russ Feingold.  This Senate race is one of the most contested of the 2016 election season and it is critically important that we re-elect Senator Johnson.


Some pictures of the group enjoying the Lincoln Day dinner



















Members in the News

Pete Kappelman, front right, and his wife, Shellie, back center, and their daughter Bethany Gierke, from left son, Mitch and son-in-law, A.J. Kenneke.


The Kappelman Family of Meadow Brook Dairy in northern Manitowoc County was featured in the local news this week.  The family has  been farming for over a half century, but Pete and Shellie’s farm is very much one of this century.  Two of their children and a son-law are actively involved in the farm.  Their herd is a mixture of registered Holsteins and brown Swiss – three of their brown Swiss heifers are listed first, second and sixth in the country.

Congratulations to the family and their commitment to farming.  Peter is quoted saying, “I think in general it’s a really rewarding, satisfying lifestyle.”



 Ron Johnson for Senate      

As Wisconsinites, we love our state's natural beauty.  Many of us are hunters, like the new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.  Personally, I'm a fisherman -- and I always enjoy boating and trolling for walleye on LakeWinnebago   We all want a pristine environment.  Bit we also need to find a balance between protecting ourenvironment while allowing our manufacturing and agricultural industries to thrive - and the liberals in Washington seem to have forgotten that.

A study commissioned by the Small Business Administration showed that it costs Americans $1.7 trillion to comply with federal regulations every year.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the Senate recently voted against an onerous Environmental Protection Agency rule that would give the federal government the power to regulate a puddle in your backyard.  That is not a joke --- this rule would give the federal government regulatory authority over 92 percent of the land in our state.  This is the kind of government overreach that many agree is a threat to our freedom and economic prosperity.

These out-of-control regulations would strangle family farms with red tape and make it more expensive for manufacturers to create good Wisconsin jobs. 

I'm doing my part to fight back against this overreach - but unfortunately Senator Feingold is not only supportive of this absurd overregulation, he actually laid the groundwork for it by championing a similar proposal during his 18 years in the U.S. Senate.

I work for the people of Wisconsin, not for unelected bureaucrats in DC.  I know how irrational it is to give the federal government control over 92 percent of the land in our state.  And I will continue to fight against this kind of overreach - and I ask you to stand with me.   







Wisconsin’s rating remains high across all three of the major credit rating agencies.

The reforms that we are making in Wisconsin continue to prove successful and the overall financial health of the state is in a good position.

Have a great weekend,







Manitowoc Holiday Parade 2015

I want to express my most heartfelt thanks to those hardy Republicans who ignored the predictions of bad weather and marched in the city of Manitowoc Thanksgiving parade.  I have never seen so many people lining the sidewalks of Manitowoc for any parade. 

And they saw us Republicans marching proudly, our Manitowoc GOP banner at the head of our group, being held by two of our Hmong Republicans, part of the Hmong contingent who showed up in their traditional colorful costumes.  These brave people know what it is like to risk their lives fighting against tyranny.  They are great Americans and unhesitant to show their love for our wonderful country. 

Also among our marchers were: 9th district state senator Devin LeMahieu, 25th district assemblyman Paul Tittl; 2nd district assemblyman Andre Jacque with three of his children, Caleb, McKenzie, and Langston (I hope I got the names right) marching alongside their proud dad; our Manitowoc County district attorney Jackie LaBre; our acting county party treasurer Bonnie Shimulunas and her formidable Republican dog, a St. Bernard named Patches with a small wooden keg around its neck (I didn’t ask what was in the keg); our county party secretary Lori Stolz and her daughter Gracie; Pete Christiansen who drove our parade vehicle; my wife Marge who rode alongside Pete and kept us supplied with candy to pass out to eager children, and of course, yours truly.

What a great night to show our colors!!  The predicted bad weather never appeared and the parade was a complete success. 

The local Democrats were nowhere in sight.  Of course, I wouldn’t have expected them to join in such a classic celebration of America, which is also an expression of thanks to God for our blessings.  A May Day parade is more in keeping with their political and cultural inclinations. 

Statewide Republican Training Conference

Three members of the Republican Party of Manitowoc County, chairman Don Zimmer, vice chairman Sulynn Moore, and acting treasurer Bonnie Shimulunas, attended the Training Day sponsored by the Republican Party of Wisconsin which occurred on November 14 in Wausau.

One of the highlights of the day was an appearance by Senator Ron Johnson who, as we all know, is locked in a tight battle for reelection against former senator Russ Feingold.  As Senator Johnson reminded us, his race against Feingold is going to be a very challenging campaign.  The Democratic Party will pull out all stops to defeat Johnson.  That is why we Republicans need to rally our voters to get out and vote for Senator Johnson in 2016. 

Brad Courtney, the chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin reminded us that Wisconsin has not been won for a presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan did so in 1984.  Therefore, much is at stake in 2016.  Courtney and Senator Johnson believe that If we can win Wisconsin for our presidential candidate, Johnson’s victory is almost certainly assured as well. 

Courtney also introduced to us the current staff at party headquarters in Madison.  Several of this dynamic, young staff conducted classes for attendees.  I must say, I was impressed by this group of dynamic and knowledgeable young people who included those who will staff our several field offices located throughout the state.  Those offices will provide direct assistance to we who will establish campaign offices in each county.


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