Start thinking now about Spring 2021 Elections:

Don’t leave your local races uncontested. Please consider running for a local office. Manitowoc Aldermanic seats up for re-election in 2021 include:

District 1 – Seat currently held by Brett Vanderkin
District 2 – Seat currently held by Scott McMeans
District 3 – Seat currently held by Jeremiah Novak
District 7  -Seat currently held by Aaron Bailey
District 10 – Seat currently held by Courtney Hansen

Manitowoc Mayor office is also up for re-election. Seat currently held by Justin Nickels.

HOW TO GET ON THE BALLOT for Aldermanic District or Mayor:
You must be 18 years of Age, an elector/resident of the city of Manitowoc and you must reside in your district.  See the City’s website for requirements and links that must be completed to get on the ballot.  These requirements include completion of a campaign registration statement, declaration of candidacy, and nomination papers that require 20-40 signatures for an aldermanic seat and 200-400 signatures for the mayoral office. 

EVERY election and EVERY vote is important.

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